New Cat-Themed home products for that "Crazy Cat Person" in your life

Or, maybe you are your own crazy cat person?! 

While our "bread and butter" are our cat climbing products and automatic litter bagging systems, we believe that our cats should not be having ALL the fun! 

Another motivation for us is we are always trying to reduce waste from our primary product production (Yes we do make everything from scratch!), so we try to figure out what smaller (useful) products we can make from what would have been discarded wood material!

So far, we have started with wooden coasters and soap dishes and it is going very well!  We plan to add cute cat-themed picture frames soon, what else do you think we could do?



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  • How about even just some elegant wooden cats? Just 2-D, like silhouettes you see around.

    Love the modular tower! Unfortunately the cats must sacrifice to send our son to a small class size private school. My 16 year old jeep attests to the factthat of do, too ? Keep up the good work. Beautiful products!

    Patricia Paulson on

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