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Customer Spotlight: Priscilla Forehand and Her Happy Life of Cats

There are certain people in this world who will always put others above themselves. You know the ones. A heart so big that they are inevitably the first to step forward and offer help to someone in need. This is how we feel about Priscilla Forehand.

cat tower cat treePriscilla has been a ContempoCat customer for many years now. We've seen her clowder grow as she cares for cats in need. She currently has 11 felines that make up her family and does such an amazing job as a cat mom...we don't know how she finds the time and energy! 

When bringing in her felines, Priscilla knew that she would have to create a ton of vertical space in her home to keep them happy. That's where we came in! Utilizing multiple ContempoCat towers in her, her fur babies have tons of options to lounge, climb and roam. Priscilla had this to say about her ContempoCat experience:

"Living in a "tiny" house with multiple cats means utilizing vertical space! That is why we have filled our home with not one, but five ContempoCat towers and trees! We absolutely love the look and design, and the fact there is no carpeting makes them extremely easy to keep clean and free of fur! All of our cats love them, and a few have taken up permanent residence atop the highest platforms. Two of our towers have food and water stations mounted to them allowing us to keep the food off of the floor and away from our dogs so that our cats can eat in peace! We are planning on adding at least two more ContempoCat towers and trees to our home in the near future!"

Priscilla is a photographer, a self proclaimed "cat ambassador" and just an all around fantastic person. Follow her on Instagram for gorgeous shots of her furry family.

We are grateful to know lovely humans such as Priscilla and enhancing lives of both people and cats alike, is our jam. It's why we started this business and it's why we'll continue to create new and improved pieces for your homes.


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