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LitterWorks is now part of ContempoCat!

ContempoCat has always designed and built spectacular (and affordable) cat trees, modular cat towers and wall-attached climbing shelves.
While these are great looking products and definitely serve a purpose for your kitties, the problem people never really have solved 100% is the LITTER BOX!  Whether you scoop a $10 litter pan, or have one of several "automatic, self-cleaning" systems, there is always room for improvement!  Enter LitterWorks!
LitterWorks has made thousands of cat owners' lives easier, and a lot less gross since 2005, and we are sooooo pleased to announce that LitterWorks is now part of ContempoCat!  LitterWorks makes unique cat litter disposal systems that provide high-capacity, sanitary bagging of litter, as well as an elevated litter box.  Our philosophy is that you should not have to "Stoop to Scoop".  Besides, cats are excellent jumpers and it's only a short hop up!
Ready for the best part?  LitterWorks systems work in conjunction with 2 of the most popular self-cleaning litter boxes on the market, Scoopfree and Littermaid.  So, not only is dirty litter bagged for you, it is raked and scooped for you as well!  With the litter-box elevated, and some special adapters (aka poop chutes), gravity funnels waste from the box into the self-dispensing continuous liner!  Every couple of weeks, you just tie off the full portion, cut and toss! 
Combining a self-cleaning box with our High-Capacity bagging system means a lot less litter box hassle for you!  When your cat and significant other is happy, you're happy!

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