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LitterWorks Pioneers Automatic Litter Bagging system

LitterWorks pioneered both the concept of the automatic litter bagging system as well as the elevated litter box.  Two ideas that really matter when it comes to working with poop and saving time & effort

What is "Automatic Litter Bagging"?

Most people have at some point either used (or have heard of)self-cleaning litter boxes, such as Littermaid or Scoopfree.  These are great in theory, but they (an all others) suffer from one fatal flaw, which is limited capacity for the clumps and poopies.  So, once they fill up, they overflow or just start to stink up your house.  LitterWorks has solved this problem by designing a high capacity bagging system for both Littermaid and Scoopfree brand self-cleaning litter boxes.  In both cases, the self-cleaning litter box is elevated on top of a platform so that gravity can work it's magic and allow the waste to fall into a continuous feed bagging system underneath!  The major benefit is that there is no longer a capacity problem, as the bag expands as it is filled!

The Elevated Litter Box Concept

Scooping cat litter boxes is bad enough as it is.  Having to get down on your hands and knees to do it just adds insult to injury.  Why not split the difference?  After all, besides the fleas (that hopefully you cat's don't have), cats are perhaps the best jumpers we know!  It's nothing for a cat to jump a foot or so to use the litter box, but that little distance makes a huge difference to us humans (and our backs/knees).  Don't "Stoop to Scoop", get a LitterWorks system!

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