More Happy ContempoCat Customers - Ivan and Eric

 As you may know, here at ContempoCat we love getting follow up emails from happy customers...especially when they include photographic evidence. Who wouldn't love to have an inbox full of incredibly adorable felines? One of our favorite stories is that of Ivan and his human, Eric.

Eric and Ivan met one day last year at the local SPCA. Ivan is a three-legged cat but don't let that cause you to think differently of him. He is strong, happy and has a great personality. Here's a bit about him from his best friend:

"When I met him at the SPCA at the end of March this year (2016), he
still had sutures from his surgery and was wearing the "collar of shame" - he was only two week's post-
surgery. I actually didn't even realize right away why he was wearing the collar - he was so talkative and gregarious that I knew he was the cat for me.

Anyway, it's been quite amazing living with him and observing how easily he's adapted. He gets around just fine. He still jumps up with ease, though perhaps not as high as other cats. And his personality is really entertaining.

It's certainly nice for me to know that while I'm at work, Ivan is home napping in the sun or perched on the top tier of his tree watching the world go by. Thanks again from two very satisfied customers."

Thanks for the update, Eric! We will also be thinking of Ivan, perched on the top of his Art Deco Cat Tree enjoying the sun :)



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