My Cat From Hell Episodes Feature Cat Trees and Wall-Climbing Steps

We've got some great news! We just got word that ContempoCat products will be featured in three episodes of Season 8 of Animal Planet and Jackson Galaxy's TV show, My Cat From Hell. If you haven't had a chance to watch this super entertaining and revolutionary cat behavioral program, you should really check it out. The multi-talented host Jackson Galaxy is faced with seemingly impossible cat behavioral issues, which are doing damage to the cats, their relationships with their humans, and even provoking ultimatums such as,  "It's me or the cat!"

Enter Jackson, a musician by night and cat whisperer by day, with his guitar case filled with magic cat taming behavioral aids.  In many cases, it becomes necessary to alter the physical environment to help his troubled furry clients work things out.  By understanding the natural behavioral tendencies of cats in their wild state, it often becomes necessary to simulate some of those environmental characteristics within the home.  Something called "Catifying", which is basically making our human living spaces more suitable to the natural needs of felines to climb, run, and sometimes hide.  One of the concepts of "catification" is that of creating a "Cat Super-Highway", which is essentially a way for cats to cross a room without touching the ground, by climbing along the walls on specialized cat shelves or steps, in addition to using cat trees and towers to move vertically or just have a place to chill out and let the drama pass.

This is where ContempoCat comes in!  We design and build modular cat climbing trees and towers, as well as a variety of cat climbing shelves that attach to the wall, allowing people to customize their own "Cat Super-Highway"!  This is an essential part of the arsenal of famous cat behavioral specialists like Jackson Galaxy, as well as some not so famous, but equally ambitious ones, like, ummm, me!  I digress.  What is really amazing is how a cat's behavior can change when it is in an environment where it can escape threats, or hide from them.  Also, it is a well established fact that most cats will head for the higher altitudes when given the chance.  I do have one who is an exception, she is more of a "ground hugger", so maybe she would prefer a cozy den with a fluffy pillow inside...

How do our products work? 

The cat climbing shelves are really pretty simple.  They are made of solid birch plywood with grooves cut into the surface to give cats the necessary traction they need while scaling the wall.  They are held up with "Pelican Clips", aka "Pelican Brackets", which are really modern looking and minimal, making the shelves appear to float.  These brackets can be attached to any type of wall, including drywall, and concrete with the provided wall anchors.  Shelves can be arranged in any number of configurations, but we see a lot of installations where people create a "ladder" up the side of a wall, or an alternating ladder in the corner of a room.  People get very creative with this process, and we are always surprised by what they come up with!  The most common component is the round wall step, which is pretty much intended to be used as a step to get from one place to another, although it is just big enough for a cat to sit upright on.  No laying down on the round step kitties!  For that, we have a 24" long rectangular shelf as well as a sleek curvy shelf.  All of our products are shipped finely sanded and can be used as-is, or if you are the DIY type, they are ready for any stain or paint.


As for the cat trees and towers, we have four options for going vertical:  There are two free-standing trees:  The Art-Deco Cat Tree Tower was used in the fourth episode of Season 8 of My Cat from Hell, and is 48" tall, and has 4 carpeted levels.  The big brother to this tree is called the Contoure Cat Tree Tower, which has a very modern oval shape and also has four carpeted levels.  This one stands at 67 in tall, and is quite the room showpiece!

Art Deco cat tree tower my cat from hellContour contoure cat tree tower my cat from hell

ContempoCat also makes a modular floor to ceiling tension pole that is our most popular product at the moment!  It is called Elevation-II.  Once installed, this cat tower is a thing to behold, and the craftsmanship and quality of materials is evident.  As with our other products, it is also made of solid birch plywood.  The modular nature of this tower makes it very user-configurable, and we have seen many different configurations from our customers, as well as some additions like hanging some cat toys from some of the shelves.

elevation cat tree tower my cat from hell

Last, but not least, is our Grove Cat Tree Tower.  This creation was inspired by the look of a birch forest, and while it sits on the floor, it attaches to the wall to hold it upright.  This is a VERY solid piece, and quite substantial with seven levels of climbing delight!

grove cat tree tower my cat from hell

 As you can see from Jackson's solution, all of these products can be used together to form a serious Cat Super-Highway!  Cats can climb up, over, down, wherever they need to go!  They also serve as a nice place to eat, away from rival canines!

This isn't the first time ContempoCat has been featured on the show. On season 3, episode 1, Jackson Galaxy and Kate from hauspanther, used two of our original Elevation Cat Towers to help out two cats that really weren't getting along (and their humans, of course). The modular cat trees were used to eliminate the dead ends in the house, creating a revolving door so that poor Pepper could escape Olive's attacks. Read more about that episode here and be on the lookout for ContempoCat on this season's episodes.

We are a very unique company in that we design and build all of our products here in Matthews, NC.  We are proud Americans who just want to see our products enjoyed by our cat loving customers!  


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