NEW Elevation Jr, free standing cat tree


48" tall Freestanding Version of our Elevation-II


The Elevation-Jr. has the same modular architecture of the floor-to-ceiling Elevation-II tension pole, in a free-standing model that can be easily moved around.  Easily arrange steps and larger platforms in whatever configuration your cats prefer!

We will be adding "bridges" that will allow you to connect multiple Elevation-Jr. towers together to create a longer horizontal network of shelves.  For example, you could connect 2 units on either side of your cat's favorite window, or cover an entire wall with 3 or 4 units!  Another fun configuration would be to arrange them in a large square pattern (4 ft x 4 ft) in the center of a room.

We are currently in beta-testing phase, and expect to launch officially in early March.

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  • When will the bridge feature be available? I have the wall steps and just ordered the Jr. Would love to look at getting the floor to ceiling model with a bridge to the jr.

    Kathleen on
  • Owen and Stoner are excited at the possibility of testing the new Contempocat Elevation-Jr. for you. I’m equally excited with the ease of movement for me….

    Rick Halusan on
  • I would absolutely love one of these !

    debbi on
  • I’m interested in your cat tree giveaway

    Jamal Bawadi on
  • I entered on FB already but just dropping in to say what an idea grouping these smaller trees. I love my firbuddies and any help making life easier is welcomed. Love your products!!

    Sharon Collins on

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