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Taking Cat Furniture to a Whole New Level with ContempoCat & Go Cat Go! Behavioral Counseling

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by Daniel of Go Cat Go! Behavioral Counseling out of San Fran. Daniel knows cats and we were really excited that he wanted to incorporate one of our Elevation Towers into his home. Deemed a "cat whisperer" by happy customers, Daniel certainly seems to speak their language and help solve cat-asrophes in homes across the Bay area.

Daniel did exactly what we'd hoped. He received the package and made it his own, creating a very awesome custom piece that fits his home decor. The tower was painted black, assembled and draped with purple LEDs. Suffice it to say, it looks pretty epic and like it's ready to be the venue for the next cat goth-industrial night (is this not a thing?! How can this not be a thing?) Now Daniel will have a place for his right hand cat Cubby, to chill and have friends over to his new happening spot up high.

Check out the Go Cat Go site and Instagram, plus Cubby's Instagram. Give them a follow to keep up to date on the coolest Cali cat happenings, plus helpful feline behavioral tips.

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