Elevation Modular Cat Tower System

Elevation Modular Cat Tower System

PLEASE NOTE:  Ikea is discontinuing the Stolmen system, so PLEASE CHECK AVAILABILITY AND PURCHASE AT YOUR LOCAL STORE prior to purchasing your kit!! 

The Elevation Modular Cat Tower System utilizes structural components from Ikea's popular "Stolmen" closet system, along with our custom built wooden platforms, to create stunning contemporary cat towers!  Click here to get some inspiration from some completed towers!

  • Shown to the left is the Ikea "Stolmen Post".  It is a telescoping-style pole that is height adjustable from 82 5/8"  to 129 7/8" (for ceilings just under 7 ft to about 10 ft).  The post is aluminum construction and is powder-coated in "off-white".  It is Ikea Article Number: 201.799.40, @  $30/ea on Ikea's website.
  • Shown below are the Stolmen "mounting fixtures" that grip the pole and allow our cat climbing components to be attached to them.  Originally designed to support closet components (drawers, shoe racks, etc), they are extra heavy-duty work just perfectly for our Elevation components!


Packaged 4/box @ $10/box on Ikea's website Ikea Article Number: 301.799.54


How to Order and Build your Elevation Cat Tower

ContempoCat makes the wooden platforms   for this system in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and options.  We do not sell  the Ikea structural components described above.  Why not??  The primary reason is that it would make your cat tower creation more expensive as we would have to buy at the same price as you can.  A few minutes at Ikea's website getting this stuff will save you $50 over what we'd have to charge for it.  So, this is more of a DIY   type project, but well worth it to be sure!  Below, you can see the outline shapes of the components we offer. 

  • Components with "wall" in the name attach also attach to the wall using "Pelican Clips" (sold separately or available at Home Depot).  These are used in situations where the Stolmen Pole can't reach the ceiling, or just to add some rigidity to the pole.

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