About Us


For your feline, cat furniture and products need to be functional. But for humans, they need to have an aesthetic quality as well.


We strive to achieve both of these qualities in our products. While we are quite proud of our designs, we are non-pretentious and work to offer products at a reachable price point for most people. Here, you won't find quotes from great architects about "minimal design" or "harmonizing the realm of man and animal." We just make good looking products at good looking prices!


We are the only company in this market that actually makes (in-house) what it sells. Sounds shocking, but it's true, and a great sense of pride for us! We source domestically produced plywood, and then we shape it, sand it and finish it right here in Matthews, NC. Is there more profit in outsourcing to China or Vietnam? Yeah, sure. But, we're in it for more than just the money. We love to design, and we also love to build. So, that is what we do! We hope you like our products, and more importantly, what we stand for as a company.


We have products at every (except really expensive) price point, so have a look around and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.


Thank you for your interest in Contempocat!


Brian Turkalo

Designer, Owner