Ikea Stolmen Pole Replacement

For the past 5 years, ContempoCat has been primarily known for providing cat tower component kits compatible with the famous (but not gone) Ikea Stolmen system pole and brackets.  We were very sad, and a bit panicked, by its sudden disappearance from the marketplace during the summer of 2016.  What would we do??

We were going to just give up on this type of product, but then thought, "What if we HAD to produce one, HOW would we do it?"  This mental exercise proved to be very inspiring!  Once we threw out the notion that poles had to be "round", all sorts of ideas started flowing and we came up with a design based on a "square" pole, that by this virtue alone allowed it to have many features that the original Ikea Stolmen pole system did not have!  We are calling this Elevation-II, which has the following features:

  • Height adjustable from 7'9" - 9'3"
  • Vertical component placement on 4" increments
  • All made of wood (yet still has a modern flair), so it suits modern and traditional decor
  • Components easily moveable, NO HARDWARE!
  • Because it's wood, there are infinite attachment options for future accessories!