Throwing away disposable cat trees every 2-3 years is cash in the trash...

Get affordable, sophisticated cat furniture that lasts 17+ YEARS!

And we are also a delight to work with, say these folks... :)

"Amazing customer service and great quality of items. My cats absolutely love the wall shelves/steps and I hope to order more at some point. Thanks again, Brian! "

- -Shannon B .

"You can see they truly love animals in their interactions with customers, and super fast shipping. Oh and did I mention my cats love everything too! "

-Chelsey B.

"Contempocat has been amazing. I have seen helpful post after helpful post and the few things I have bought from them have been great cat toys that my cats love so much. "

-Nathan H.

We make Finely Crafted cat furniture at Intermediate Pricing,

and We Pay Shipping for orders over $49!


Place shelves and accessories anywhere you want to. Connect multiple trees with bridges!

Free Standing

Sturdy and stylish free-standing cat trees, beds, and hammocks!

DIY (Ikea-Hack)

Create an ultra-modern cat tower using our steps & platforms in conjunction with Ikea "Elvarli" post and hardware!


Sturdy and stylish free-standing cat trees, beds, and hammocks!

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