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Coasters (cat quote 4-pack)
Coasters (cat quote 4-pack)
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Coasters (cat quote 4-pack)

A four-pack of our super cute birch "cat coasters"!  These are made from scrap wood from the manufacture of our cat towers, with a custom engraved cork inlay!  Wile our main products are cat tower, it's super fun to make cute "gifty" items in the process which reduces our waste and keeps this material out of the landfill!

We have tons of different versions, so messages will vary.  They will however, be consistent with the bossy, sarcastic nature of cats and the adoring nature of their owners!  Do you know a crazy cat person who would just love this?  Is it you?  :)

Example quotes:

"I can be social, today I meowed at my cat and he meowed back!"

"You can teach a cat to do anything, that he wants to do"

"Say NOTHING, they'll blame the dog."

"I charge extra for purring"



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